Term 2 - Week 2

Bake Sale

Room 9 did some baking in class for the bake sale. Students were able to choose which group they wanted to join and each group had to help bake one of 3 options. The 3 options were rainbow cookies, triple chocolate brownie and chocolate cupcakes.

Each group had to add all the ingredients, mix it and prepare the mixture to go into the oven. We were fortunate enough to have a mini oven in our class so the students were able to monitor the baking as it was cooking.

Links to Literacy

Students had to read the ingredients list and instructions on the back of each box. They had to write down what they needed to prepare and cook their kai including equipment such as bowls, spoons etc.

Links to Inquiry

Our inquiry this term includes looking at different roles and responsibilities people have in our kura and our community. The bake sale was a key component to the junior sleepover which will take place in week 4 and this baking lesson allowed students to organise and volunteer for various roles needed to do the baking. It also allows the students to recognise their contribution and take responsibility for their part in raising money for the sleepover.


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