Term 2 - Week 3

ASB Moneywise

On Monday morning room 9 had a special guest, Marlon, from ASB Bank. He spoke to the students about how to spend money wisely and how to save money. Marlon taught us that even saving a small amount of money at a time helps to reach the end goal.
It was a fun interactive lesson which everyone enjoyed.

Art Display

This week our art was displayed in the school office. As part of our enquiry we are learning about caring for the environment as a way of preserving it for the next generation. We have been learning about recycling and what kind of materials can be recycled.
Our lesson for art was around recycling rubbish to create an art piece. Over a week we collected a variety of different packets and containers from students lunches.
Students then decided what they wanted to create using the rubbish. They used glue and sellotape to stick the rubbish on. They then used paint to create a background for their focus piece.


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